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The Grief Recovery Method®



 A 7 Step one-to-one process that is designed to personally and individually guide you through a process of unresolved grief towards completion and peace. 


When Children Grieve

A 6 session process that provides parents of grieving children (from loss of pet, divorce, loss of significant person and other losses) with the ways to guide their children through the completion of the loss.



An 8 session process designed to help grievers discover and complete what was unfinished in their unique relationships of over 40 types of losses, including death, divorce, break-ups, moving, loss of health, etc.

The Grief Recovery Method® for Pet Loss

Learn the actions that allow you to let go of the pain following Pet Loss.


What participants are saying


"What I found most attractive about the GRM was the idea of walking away with tools to be able to use not only for this loss but other losses that life throws my way. Tools - not a bereavement group...

 As an action-oriented person, I knew that this would fit my personality well. 

                           -Angel T.

"The Grief Recovery Method has made a big difference for me. It has lightened my load of sadness and I am able to move forward with great hope."         -Susie P.

"I Feel So Much Lighter!"        -Dana M.

"I’ve learned more about myself through the GRM than I ever before. It explained so much of who I am and why I do (or don’t do) certain things. Working with Susan and completing the the GRM has been an eye opening and enlightening experience. It truly is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”           -Amy C.


  • When is it the right time to go through the Grief Recovery Method®?

It is never too soon or too late to be a part of the GRM. The sooner you learn the action steps to recover from incomplete loss, the sooner you can have a new perspective of loss.

  • What makes this different from other Grief Groups?

The GRM is an opportunity to learn your individual loss history and be able to understand myths of grief and how we manage it. It is a step by step action oriented process that will validate and heal incomplete loss relationships...all in a safe and confidential experience.


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